Ellen is a creative, unique and passionate songwriter. Her work is vulnerable, emotional and introspective…Simon Wilcox, multi platinum and gold songwriter, Los Angeles

Ellen Braun writes songs one wants to both curl up with and spread out in. There’s a warmth and honesty to her storytelling that follows a hard worn path carved by Northern songwriters. Her music evokes a beautiful and vast landscape with all of its dark truths and hopefulness.
Rohin Khemani, drummer/percussionist for Red Baraat, New York

Ellen Braun writes honest and accessible songs. They are genuine, cathartic musings and meditations on the ups and downs of day-to-day living, loving and dreaming.
Stefan Schneider, drummer/percussionist for Random Recipe, Queer Songbook Orchestra, and The Luyas; Montreal


Ellen Braun is a Canadian songstress. Starting from her perch on a tree in the Glebe, she has established herself on the indie folk music scene as a solo act and with her band Trundled. She has a giant heart, and she’s not afraid to show it on stage and in her music.

Her song “Inchoate” cracked the top 100 in CBC’s 2018 Searchlight competition. In the Before Time, Ellen attended prestigious residencies in 2018 and 2019 at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and joined a cohort of talented musicians at Canada’s Music Incubator artist entrepreneur program in 2019. She has recorded music for film, Chasing a Trace; released the pandemic singles “Okay” (recorded and produced by Howard Bilerman at the Banff Centre) and Forbidden Love; and released, with bandmate Joseph Shea, the first full-length Trundled album High Water, produced by Daniel Ledwell.


If you want to book Ellen to perform a gig, deliver a songwriting workshop, or write a song, please contact her via social media @ellenbraunmusic.