Songwriting Doula

Ellen Braun leads songwriting workshops at music festivals, locally in Canmore, and one on one both online and in person. Her creative and unique approach to songwriting inspires and uses a structured approach that is suitable for first time writers as well as seasoned composers.

  • One on one songwriting classes
  • Group songwriting classes (all ages) 
  • Custom songwriting for your shared memories

Contact us “@” ellenbraunmusic on any social media platform to turn on your creativity!

Attestations from folks who have taken part in Ellen’s one hour to multi week songwriting workshops:

“One of the highlights of this year’s [2022 Smither’s] Midsummer Festival, to me, was attending the songwriting workshop conducted by Ellen Braun and Joe Shea of the band Trundled. They shared the methods they use to create songs and even showed how to put the created words to music. It was fun, informative and engaging. Both Ellen and Joe made everyone feel relaxed, safe and able to take part and share their music. All those that took part left the session with the belief that they now had the skills to write a song.” – Heather Gallagher, BC

“Ellen did a masterful job of giving me tools, inspiration and incentive begin writing songs. Her support feedback on works in progress was encouraging, constructive and gentle. Her enthusiasm and and genuine interest in helping all that attended her class was very heartwarming and supportive. Can’t wait to take the next course she offers.” – Tracey Henderson, Canmore

“When you come into contact with Ellen you discover that her passion for music is a tangible energy that radiates from her. When you hear her talk about music, this passion is contagious and you come to truly believe, as she does, how very important the presence of music is in our lives. When you hear her perform her songs…you are immediately drawn in. Her vocals and lyrics alike are heartfelt, raw and beautiful and both resonate deeply. If you have a chance to be a part of her music or songwriting workshops, GO. It is an environment of love and acceptance and she has a gift for breaking down the creative process in a way that is clear, motivating and freeing. Ellen’s desire for others to experience music as passionately as she does is unmistakeable.” – Jaime Birch, Canmore

“Ellen is one of those people you feel lucky to spend time with. Her music is emotional, intricate and compelling.You can tell that Ellen’s love of music goes beyond her own songs and that she loves to help others discover their creative talents. I have personally had the opportunity to have Ellen critique my songs and I can say that her methods offer tools that she has acquired from a variety of influences and inspires you to continue to write. Her ability to provide positive interactions, give constructive takeaways and foster creativity in her groups; lets you be successful, feel pleasantly surprised with yourself and energised. I would highly recommend her music and her songwriting workshops.” – Pamela Short